SPACE (provided by Phone Life Balance Ltd) Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and share information when you use our mobile app, SPACE, and other associated services (our “Services”).  We take privacy very seriously.  Should you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • Who we are

  • What precise categories of information the app wants to collect and process and why this information collection is necessary

  • Where that information is stored and analysed

  • How we protect this data

  • Which information is disclosed to third parties

  • What rights you have, as a user, in terms of withdrawal of consent and deletion of data

  • What happens if our Privacy Policy terms and conditions are updated

Who we are

Phone Life Balance Ltd is an independent company, registered in the UK (10445246).  We consist of a small team of people who care about making others feel more in control of their phone life balance.  You can read more about us on our website  Should you wish to contact us with any concerns, you can do so at

What precise categories of information the app wants to collect and process

We collect the following data for specific reasons:

Email address:  We used this to establish a unique sign-on, so that the app experience can be personalised.  It also means that you can be connected to your friends and family, using their email addresses, if you decide to use SPACE Pro.  

We will also use your email address to add to a database of SPACE friends, and may use this to contact you occasionally for the purpose of further developing the product.  If you do not want your email to be added to our mailing list, you can send us an email at, requesting that your email is removed from these lists.

Sign-in with email is optional.  Users can choose to skip log-in.  If you decide to do this, when you are not logged-in, we will not store any of your data on our servers, but your data will only be stored locally on your phone.  Without signing in, you won’t get a personalised experience for SPACE and you won’t be able to use SPACE Pro.  

For logged-in users, we will collect and process the following data:

Responses to sign-up questions and feedback notifications:  We log your responses to our sign-up questions, and which profile user you are, so that the app can be personalised.  Similarly, we will log any responses to our feedback notifications, so that we can see whether or not the app is helping you.  

Phone Usage per day:  We log your phone usage per day including:

  • Total number of unlocks

  • Total time spent in an unlocked state

  • GPS co-ordinates aggregating total time in that location per day (on IOS only). Your consent is required for this functionality.  

  • Primary app usage total breakdown per day (on Android only)  

This data is used, so that we can help you to plot your progress through our program.  

Goals and Achievements:  We log what your goals are and which achievements you have collected.  

In the future, we may collect your name, email address, IP address, gender, and other demographic information. By giving us this information, you allow your information to be collected, used, disclosed anonymously, and stored by us.

Where the information is stored and analysed

We store all our data in the cloud, using a secure webhosting service, Hostgater.   We will store your data on our server for up to 120 days after you choose to logout from or delete SPACE.  

Which information is disclosed to third parties

We use third party analytics sites to help us understand how many people are using SPACE and how often they are interacting with it, as well as understanding app performance, such as crash logs.  We currently use Google Analytics for our Android users and Fabric for IOS.  The personal data that we are collecting (see above) is not shared with these parties.

We use Firebase to manage all login information.  As such, SPACE does not see or retain any password information.  

We have a partnership agreement with Bournemouth University in the UK to further develop an understanding of the issue of problematic phone use and solutions to it.  This means that in the future we may use some of the data we have collected to participate in academic studies surrounding this issue.  

We will never sell your data or pass it on for commercial gain.  We are only collecting it for the purpose of developing a useful product that helps reduces the prevalence of problematic phone use.  

What rights you have, as a user, in terms of withdrawal of consent and deletion of data

If you no longer wish for the SPACE app to collect your data, you can log-out at anytime.  Should you like us to erase your historical data, then you can send an email to with your email address, requesting that any historic records are deleted.  

What happens if our Privacy Policy terms and conditions are updated

We may revise and amend this Privacy Policy occasionally. We will post the changes on this page and update the effective date below. By continuing to use our Services after those changes become effective, you are agreeing to be bound by the revised policy.

This version of the Privacy Policy is effective starting July 26, 2017.